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Happy Holidays!  Don’t forget it’s free to post on



Faster Faster Faster!  Site should be ( a little ) faster to load now, made some improvements on that.  Also got rid of hashtags for now, I thought it was to confusing for users.  You can still add them to updates, but you cannot search for them (yet).  Besides that added a new way to place paid advertising, so make sure you post some to help pay maintenance on the site!  As always please leave comments.

redesign, hashtags and posting

In the last month I was able to do a total redesign on the layout and add hashtags to posting updates or classifieds.  I think the redesign makes it easy to see the entire classified ad, and now you have the ability to hashtag anything.   I built in hashtags so people can categorize updates easier.  Let me know what everyone thinks, next up will be some minor stuff.  (will try to decrease page loading times).   Hope everyone is enjoying the site!  Hope you like the changes!

time to get social!

Now you can create a profile and add unlimited pictures, write status updates and get followers!  

Hope everyone likes the new changes, and as always any feedback is appreciated (good or bad).  

Don’t forget to share our link if you like the site.  And you can comment here with anything, I would love to hear from users.


See you soon.

more updates

More updates for users!  You can now add a profile, make status updates in your area, and upload unlimited pictures.  I hope everyone likes the modifications, more updates coming soon!  Any questions, let me know.

new changes

new updates to the site we hope everyone likes.  check them out and thanks for using classivox !



At least he’s done this before!